Operator metal Deurne (3 shifts)

  • 40 uur
  • €15.09
  • Deurne
  • Engels
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Would you like to tell people at birthday parties that you are working on cool car models? Do you already have some experience as an operator and do you live in the area of Helmond? Then be sure to read on!

As an operator in the metal industry, you will be working with innovative techniques in the field of galvanization. You will develop yourself as an all-around operator, in this growing company. 

What are you going to do?

Working on elements of the most famous car brands, ensuring safety and a beautiful end product. Not a lot of people can say that they work in this sort of company, you can say it soon! 

• In three shifts you will work together on a beautiful end product 

• Through a chemical process, metal parts are provided with a layer of lacquer. (galvanization) 

• In an informal team, you get the chance to show your qualities and to grow in your job 

What do we offer you?

A varied job with a salary of €12.79 excluding a shift bonus of 18% = € 15,09. There are excellent terms of employment and a lot of opportunities to grow professionally. Besides that: 

• 40 hours in 3 shifts (18% allowance) all hours are paid with an allowance! 

• Travel costs will be reimbursed

• You will be working in a close team, where internal training programs are possible 

• Varied and challenging work! 

What do you need?

• You are interested in technology and machines 

• You speak the Dutch or English language well

• You are willing to get a forklift certificate 

• You are living in the area of Helmond


Do you want more information about the offer?

Wieke Weert can tell you everything about it!

Apply for this function. Operator metal Deurne (3 shifts)!

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